How to use 5 simple steps

You are a buyer, sourcing company, interior designer

1- Browse the category menu and look for what you came for : or use the search bar for tags, such as colour, or any subject availlable :






2- Choose the work of art you need for your decoration project or present. Select options: the size and media you like most. Then click the add to cart button. and follow instructions.

You can add tags to keep a reference of your client or project.

You can save it to your “WISHLIST”, by clicking on the little grey heart on the item top left corner. then you can send your selection to a client, a friend for approval of your choice,

3- Select the size or the support you want to buy the print of what’s you like,

Or you can buy the Original work of Art when mentionned.

You can save it to your Wishlist, or 

You can send your selection to a client, a friend for approoval of your choice,

4-Save to cart and proceed to Check Out

5- You’re done, you have find special Work of Art of living contemporay artists and designers.

You need an advice ? Please contact us, we will be glad to help.

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